21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street
  • Anatomy Of A High Schooler (Infographic)

    We’ve all been there — getting dressed for high school completely sucks. You can’t be caught wearing the same thing as someone else, but everyone has to abide by the same trends. Every morning is a battle with yourself and your wardrobe. But somehow, teenagers manage to find unique ways to display their personal styles within the confines of what’s cool. Here’s an infographic that explains how teens express themselves in their apparel, and for more insight into how their minds work, be sure to check out 21 Jump Street — in theaters now!

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  • What’s Changed Since The ’90s

    Travel back with us to the ’90s. Those years were all about beepers, your favorite JNCO jeans and boy, those frosted tips. Take a chance to remember more of your favorite things from back then, marvel at how much times have changed, and don’t forget to catch “21 Jump Street” — in theaters now!

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