21 Reasons Why Bad Decisions Are The Best Decisions

Good stories don’t start with good choices. They need yelling, some stumbling, and plenty of “who-wha-huh?” And no one knows this better than the guys of 21 & Over, in theaters on March 1st.

1. Bad decisions push your limits.

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2. Your wardrobe.

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3. Your tattoo gallery.

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4. And you’ll have all the stories…

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5. …even if someone else remembers them for you.

People, the buddy system works.

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6. You’ll learn how many tacos you can eat.

Tell your entire family: it was eleven.

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7. How much money you’d make “dancing.”

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8. Or maybe that you’re a really good fighter?

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9. (Whoops, you’re not.)

But scars are sexy. So there’s that?

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10. Bad decisions test your navigation skills.

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11. They teach you to find new hiding places.

After a few drinks, we’re all just squirrels looking for a safe tree trunk.

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12. You finally decide to make smarter decisions with your money.

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13. You get answers to the important question: “Can I outrun the police?”

All signs point to… very unlikely. But thanks for playing!

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14. And you build up crazy arm muscles from your new getaway chair.

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15. Walking becomes a game.

It’s tripple overtime in the epic rivalry of you vs. gravity.

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16. You may do something legendary.

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17. You may even open up to some strangers.

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18. Or get a free photo.

Just don’t look for it on instagram.

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19. But no matter how terribly, horribly, awfully bad those bad decisions…

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20. …it’s nothing you can’t dance off.

Possibility in a group dance off.

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21. Because no one talks about the night they spent here…

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