11 Stages Of Being The Worst Kind Of Student Ever

everyone hates you because YOU DO NOTHING but STILL SUCCEED.

1. 1. You can be very easily distracted

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2. 2. You are way too sociable for you to even have enough time to contemplate doing work

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3. 3. ‘I can do that later’ is your favourite phrase. Ever.

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4. 4. You’re a bit TOO relaxed. Like, you only have 3 days until deadline, you should at least do SOMETHING

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5. 5. Everything that wasn’t important before is SO important now - like videos of cats

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6. 6. You’re getting a bit too over-confident…

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7. 7. You aren’t as intelligent as you think…

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8. 8. …but make out you know EVERYTHING

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9. 9. You then rush to complete everything in a ridiculous amount of time and shun EVERYONE

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10. 10. You blame everyone else entirely because you are convinced you’ve failed

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11. 11. But the cycle continues when you realise you’ve passed and feel like THE KING OF THE WORLD

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13. but everyone else who has revised constantly agrees that

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